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Ally is an acoustic ecologist, award winning photographer, wildlife artist and teacher.

Welcome to my peaceful sanctuary!

I am Allyson and I capture and analyze field recordings, I photograph beautiful spaces to share and do field noise studies for Quiet Parks International.

.Here you will find links to my virtual retreats through QPI as well as my favorite and relaxing nature videos, photographs, ASMR offerings and soothing art.

Choose what you would like on this page or click the beautiful forest flowers to be swept away to Quiet Parks International or choose a visual dessert below.

Classes will be posted with links as they become available. Some excursions are free of cost!🐛

Member/contributor to Quiet Parks Intl.

Mission: To bring about an awareness of the importance to protect our quiet places which help provide a place of respite from intrusive thoughts and to help promote wellness, healing, peace and better health through nature.

Visit my Adobe Media Portfolio on Behance



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